A frequently asked question by many parents, teachers, professionals, and even children is that ​Will Coding be as Important as it is in the Future?​ But isn’t this a valid question to ask and know whether coding is or will be existing in the future as it is now?

The answer to this is Yes, Absolutely. Not only will coding be relevant in the future but, it will be much more relevant than it is in this period. As computing systems penetrate our lives, telling these devices what we want them to do, and inventing new uses for them, coding and programming will be more popular.

Coding previously looked like- ​0010101010101​, which has now transformed to simple and understandable English. However, we have a long way to go before being able to speak to computers in plain natural language and having them understand perfectly and perform complex tasks they’ve not yet been programmed to do. As coding languages become more English-like simple language it’ll be pretty easy to learn and understand.

To code or program, a computer to do something it has never done before will require a specialized understanding of how to communicate with the specificity of a computer programmer, as well as the computational thinking needed to describe an algorithm. The fundamental concepts underneath are unlikely to go away for many more decades.

The first and foremost rule for a computer to know what we want has to precisely be told with the coding language as natural language is too ambiguous to be used directly. So to command a task we need another kind of specification language; and guess what, that is exactly what a programming language is. They’re not created for computers, indeed are created for us to understand the task that we input and in return get the output we’re looking for.

According to us, we think, languages start to emerge and evolve more towards the goal, which takes a long time. The most popular languages were created about 20 years ago; So looking at this situation I guess coding will definitely be relevant in the next 10 or more years. Coding will definitely change in the coming years, but we expect it to be more realistically by the engineering principle and not just talk to the computers as we would’ve thought it to be.

To relate to this, here’s an example- Incase the AI becomes extremely smart by 2025, unless it is given full autonomy, there will still be people needed to program the AI. Because of the growing importance of coding and programming in our society, more and more people have been getting or learning into the coding industry either as a hobby or for career purposes.

There are millions of people who write and code software, due to the sheer number of people in this industry it seems impossible for coding to decay in the future.

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