What if I told you that A.I could replace Humans? Yes you heard it right. Even I am of the opinion that it is improbable but certainly not impossible. On 2nd December 2014, Professor Stephen Hawking told BBC that “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” But again this is not something to be feared as none can predict future but all can adapt and prepare for the surprises. One might ask “but how can we prepare for the end of our own race?” Well, we can’t necessarily prepare for the end but can definitely spark a new beginning.

The fear of replacement comes into picture when existing resources becomes outdated or expensive. We can overcome that by adapting be it in the field of career, relationships or even assets. Keeping up with the changes is the key to becoming a vital part of the future. Artificial Intelligence is not rocket science. Just like how humans use their brains, machines too use their intelligence. Unlike human beings, machines comprehend processes and informations using complex algorithms and then convert them into simpler format for understanding and application purpose.
Presently amid the pandemic situation, we witness a shift in the traditional methods of life. Everything is becoming technology oriented. Offices are fading, schools are opting for online teaching, drone transportation is gaining momentum, robotics is taking over the production processes and so on.
GCC countries are slowly trying to go back to the normal life but not without any back-up. These countries have made huge investments in A.I and Machine Learning to ease the process of living in the pandemic. From Traffic authorities to the general public, A.I is gaining importance. In many countries movement of vehicles weren’t permitted but some exceptions were given for vehicles with permit pass or for people working in vital sectors. With the help of A.I Dubai police used the technique to identity curfew breachers and penalize the same. A.I can also monitor occupancy in various outlets including restaurants and convenient stores to alert Local Health Authorities for any violation. Along with predicting the possibility of another pandemic outbreak these are some of the very few vitalities of Artificial Intelligence.

So how does A.I actually help the common man? Why should I worry about A.I in my career prospects? A very heated topic in the present scenario. We know that technology is gaining its momentum day by day and replacing traditional methodologies but to what extent it can affect the workforce is the real question. In July 2019, Amazon announced $700 million investment to train around 100,000 workers to advance in automation technology. This means that the 0.1 million workers will now have to adapt to their changing job environment and get used to working with machines and their language. Another pair of Oxford Academicians estimated a loss of 47% of American Jobs to technology by mid 2030s. Now that figure would’ve leaped high due to the pandemic. If you observe the trend, one can actually witness a comparison. As traditional jobs decrease, technology jobs increase. Soon it will come to a state when the entire workforce is embedded into machines and guided by Artificial Intelligence. It is going to change the usual life to an extent that what happens in the future would be the least probable scenario predicted in the current present.
Transportation Industry’s phase would face a significant change. Self-Driving and electric cars would dominate which is already in the testing round namely by Tesla Motors. Housekeeping, Waitressing and Home maids occupations would fade away as Robots will take over the field of expertise at lesser costs. Education would face an enormous shift in content and delivery. Robotics will even to the population of human beings and soon will be considered equals or sort of the same.

Instead of fearing this change, we must learn to adapt and survive with them. A.I is built for the mankind, Machine Learning is developed to make the day to day life of man easier. It is of utmost importance to understand that these developments are for the facilitation of humans and thus we must all accept this change with a vision in mind. Before Wright Brother’s introduced the Aircraft, the flying job didn’t even exist but now can we imagine flying to another country without a pilot?! We evolve as we grow. But the evolution should not be just limited to our surroundings and life style but it should also bring a difference in our career objectives and preference(s).