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Python Course

moveForward(100)’s Python bootcamp  provides a hands-on, project-based introduction to the Python programming language for learners without prior programming experience. Python while being easy to learn, is also used in complex fields like – Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, etc. 

In the bootcamp we cover:

  • Data types and Data structures
  • Control flow
  • Graphical User Interfaces
  • A mini project (Developing an arcade game)
None6 days (12hours)Python (Beginners)Laptop, Stable internet

Coding – Summer Bootcamp

This summer get your kids to Break the Code! From mobile apps to space stations, the world runs on code. moveForward(100)’s coding bootcamp eases your child into the world of programming with an activity based, fun-filled summer course.

In the bootcamp we cover: 

  • Computational Thinking 
  • Coding using activities and games
  • Technology around us
None2 weeks (8 sessions)Coding (Beginners)Laptop, Stable internet