You hear the word coding and instantly what rings in your head ! The obvious answer is computer programming. Well you are quite right that far but nothing to do with you beyond that. That is exactly where you go wrong !

Coding has been brought down in tradition as something that only computer nerds can deal with. This perception around the skill has propelled a change in the millennial times. So much so that schools are teaching primary graders basic coding skills of Java. Coding has been designated as the most vital skill that needs to be imparted to every employment seeker otherwise chances of prospective career growth are seemingly bleak. Well what I say aligns with the data of Linkedin which shows that user interface design and mobile development will be the most demanded skills in the upcoming 40 years. The report on American schools found that 40 percent of them offered coding classes to the children which was just about 25 percent a few years ago.

The question arises as to how coding has become the skill everyone should necessarily possess. Not that every person wants to be an engineer and also there are reasonably high paying respectable jobs in the corporate world. How come programming dominates every arena of the job market. The answer is pretty straightforward for everything that we treasure like the smartphones, facebook profile, twitter and instagram handles, is the outcome of coding. These are just to name a few. Almost at every stage, we are intercepted by problems, then these apps help us to overcome these technological barriers. So why not just innovate with similar software applications ourselves and know what goes behind their making.

India is also quick enough to realize its importance by introducing programming to pupils of primary standards as a compulsory component as part of the New Education Policy 2020. Also one must be proud because India is undoubtedly the best supplier of engineers.

Coding bootcamps are gaining immense recognition amidst this and have been in this business for around four to five years to empower students and learners from various backgrounds to learn coding. Jonathan Lau, a former coding service provider and owner of Switchup insists that bootcamps can provide a foundation for coding if not convert a newcomer into an expert coder. Bootcamps are a great option to those who are switching over from other non-technical branches into the software industry. They offer the same learnings at much lower cost than a certified Master’s Program with less time involvement. So you invest in a purposeful skill and still save up a lot of time.

The ongoing shortage of software personnel has been upsetting for the employers of giant corporations. A need of 181,000 people with analytical and data handling skills was predicted by

the International Data Corporation by 2018. Consequently this need has not been met and to put in precisely there is intense demand for software developers, computer science professionals and systems engineers. Incorporation of coding into the classroom will enable a better preparation for the students and represent their potential to be a part of a competent workforce.

Technology and its one of many miracles includes how it has wonderfully brought the world closer. Globalization has gained momentum with the influx of technology and inventions like Facebook and Twitter. Networking and connecting to people is like a cakewalk nowadays. The era of letters and pigeons can be only imagined in Harry Potter’s dimension now. The ease though has also given way to various other dangers. Cyber crimes like data theft, non-ethical hacking, cyber bullying and malicious content have surged on the online platform making it very uncomfortable and displeasing for users to operate in such an environment. Protection of confidential national data as it is frequently subjected to data leaks by suspicious organizations is something that needs to be addressed at the earliest.

Martin Carnegie, Director of Academic Affairs from the Information Networking Institute (INI) has mentioned that, “The demand for cyber security professionals is far greater than the supply and shows no signs of abating. With this in mind, it’s a great time to explore a career in cyber security and it’s never too early or late to start.” The gravity surrounding cyber crimes has commanded the attention of governments and institutions at the global forum who have swung into action to avert these crimes. Cyber security expects an individual to develop an adversarial mindset wherein hardcore thinking is required to devise tools and protocols that have not been thought of before.

Nevertheless theoretical knowledge is extremely important, however practical skills and training are equally the need of the hour. Giving an hands-on-experience with computer systems will be more beneficial as the basic foundations of coding will be clear to the learner. Specifically coding is an art which requires persistence and patience only then one can aspire to be perfect. Most of all coding has something fresh to offer everyday with the constant research that is going on and there is no end to learning.