Introduction to Music Production
Music Production

Introduction to Music Production

Course Summary

Music Production is the process of creating music, where ideas are converted into actual songs. It is where the creative meets the technical, in music. Music creation today has come far from the tedious task that it was years before, to now enable musicians anywhere in the world, however young or old, to make music from their very own bedrooms and home studios.
The ‘Introduction to Music Production course for teens was developed to help young creative minds to express themselves through music and to translate their ideas into songs. We here at MoveForward Beats hope to inspire these young musicians to make their own music to impact today’s music industry.

This exciting introductory course is divided into 2 levels, with each level comprising 12 fun-filled sessions of 1 hour each, where the students explore the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of music production. The classes are conducted on a one-on-one basis, personalized to meet the interests and learning ability of each student. ‘Introduction to Music Production’ Course is built on live projects and hands-on music creation sessions, using an Online Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) – ‘SoundTrap’. The students will be provided access to a premium SoundTrap account upon enrollment.


What your kid will learn/build

Learning path for your child

Topics covered

Level 1

  1. Exploring Music
  2. Arrangement with Loops & Samples
  3. Instrumental Groups and How to Use Them
  4. Genres in Music
  5. Melody and Accompaniment
  6. Introduction to recording
  7. Exploring Song Structure
  8. Exporting Audio and Project Review
  9. Rhythm & Beats
  10. Framing a Drum Beat
  11. Time Signature
  12. Exploring Popular Beat Patterns
  13. Arranging Drum Beats
  14. Project – Students will make their own ringtone

Level 2

  1. Notes, Scales, and Crafting Melodies
  2. Chords Structures & Ear Training
  3. Chord Progressions and Inversions
  4. ‘All about that Bass’ – Creating Basslines
  5. Layering Instruments
  6. Session Organisation and Mix Prep
  7. Introduction to Mixing
  8. Exploring Tools in Mixing
  9. Project – Students will make their own pop song
  10. Developing Personal Artist Identity and a Unique Sonic Signature
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