Introduction to Beatboxing

Introduction to Beatboxing

Course Summary

Do you find your child drumming away on the table, or seem to be passionate about learning the drums? But maybe practical difficulties hold them back from learning to play the actual drum kit. Here’s an alternative and exciting tool that can be introduced to your child to pursue their dreams to learn the drums – Beatboxing!
Beatboxing is the art of mimicking percussion instruments and drum sounds, as well as other instrument sounds using one’s very own voice. This incredible talent can be performed anywhere and everywhere without requiring any physical instruments or expensive setups.
The human voice is a wonderful and powerful instrument by itself. Learning the right techniques to use it well is important in this art of Beatboxing. In today’s digital world, there are few tutorials and lessons that can be found on the internet. But what we offer to our students is a personalized, one-on-one mentoring, where
experienced beatboxers train the students about the right techniques and practical methods.


What your kid will learn/build

Topics covered

  1. The Bass Drum
  2. The Hi-Hats and K-Snare
  3. Framing a beat
  4. The Backbeat and Beat #2
  5. Beat #3 (Trap Routine)
  6. Beat #4 (Triplets Trap Routine)
  7. Beat #5 (Hip-Hop Routine)
  8. Improvisation in Beatboxing
  9. Beatboxing to a track
  10. Improvisation and Freestyling
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