Coding Comprehensive Course (Ages 7-9)

Coding Comprehensive Course (Ages 7-9)

Course Summary

From mobile apps to space stations, the world runs on code. Our coding camp eases your child into the world of programming with an activity-based, fun-filled course.

In this exciting course, students explore the whole gamut of AI and Machine Learning, students create two arcade games using MIT’s Scratch and Google Blockly! Along the way, they learn programming constructs like Events, Variables, Loops, and many more concepts. They develop multiple projects, in the core AI fields of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Neural Networks and more.


What your kid will learn/build

Learning path for your child

Topics covered

Level 1

  1. Instructions
  2. Algorithms
  3. Programs
  4. Sequencing
  5. Conditionals
  6. Loops
  7. Data Protection and Encryption
  8. Bitmap processing
  9. Binary Data Transmission
  10. How computers process information from input to output
  11. Project 1: Creating an Angry Bird game using conditional statements
  12. Project 2: Creating a Rey and BB game using Loops

Level 2

  1. Logic and Pseudo Code
  2. Loops
  3. ‘for’ loop
  4. ‘while’ loop
  5. Encryption / Decryption
  6. Caesar Cipher
  7. Error Detection
  8. Variables
  9. Events
  10. Nested Loops
  11. MIT Scratch Programming Language
  12. Project 1: Developing a Star Wars game using Loops
  13. Project 2: Developing a Hide and Seek game using variables in Scratch
  14. Project 3: Developing a Ping Pong game using loops and conditionals in Scratch

Level 3

  1. Conditional & Loops
  2. Events
  3. Variables
  4. Boolean Operators
  5. Comparison Operators
  6. Arithmetic operators
  7. Functions
  8. Parameters
  9. Scratch implementation
  10. Trinket and Google Blockly
  11. Project 1: Create a Scoreboard using Comparison Operators
  12. Project 2: Scratch activity to decide holiday destination venue according to the age
  13. Project 3: Basic calculator using arithmetic operators
  14. Project 4: Develop the browser built-in Dino-Run game

Level 4

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  2. Machine learning
  3. Supervised Learning
  4. Text recognition
  5. Speech recognition
  6. Neural network
  7. Deep learning
  8. Logic and Pseudocode
  9. Project 1: Train a computer character to react to what you say
  10. Project 2: Train the computer understand secret-code words using Speech Recognition
  11. Project 3: Training a computer model for data classification and abstraction

Level 5

  1. Continuation of Artificial Intelligence concepts
  2. Machine learning
  3. Supervised Learning
  4. Image Recognition
  5. Speech recognition
  6. Object Recognition
  7. Sound Recognition
  8. Project 1: Alien language- Train the computer to understand secret code words using Speech Recognition
  9. Project 2: Develop an application that learns to sort pictures using Image Recognition
  10. Project 3: Face Finder- An AI powered face filter that adds Cartoon eyes to your face
  11. Project 4: Laser Eyes- Develop a game to shoot laser from your eyes to shoot bottles on the screen
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