Python Comprehensive Course (Ages 13-16)

Python Comprehensive Course (Ages 13-16)

Course Summary

From mobile apps to space stations, the world runs on code. Our comprehensive coding course eases your child into the world of programming with an activity-based, fun-filled course.

In this exciting course, students develop fully functional 2D-Games and websites to track the ISS and analyze images. They also explore Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and develop a Speech-enabled Chatbot.


What your kid will learn/build

Learning path for your child

Topics covered

Level 1

  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Downloading and Installing Python Software
  3. How to use Python IDLE?
  4. Python Libraries (‘turtle’, ‘time’ and ‘random’)
  5. What are Variables and Functions?
  6. Data Types (‘strings’ and ‘integers’)
  7. Conditionals (‘if’, ‘elif’ and ‘else’ statements)
  8. Operators (Assignment, Comparison, Arithmetic, Relational and Logical)
  9. Loops(‘for’ and ‘while’)
  10. Data Structures
  11. Graphical User Interface
  12. Keyboard Controls
  13. Developing Logical Thinking and Problem Solving
  14. Project: Snake Game Development using ‘turtle’ library

Level 2

  1. Working with libraries
  2. Installing Python libraries using pip
  3. Pygame Library
  4. How to add Music and Sound Effects?
  5. Introduction to Relational Databases
  6. Introduction to SQLite andQueries
  7. Connecting Python Programs to Databases
  8. Implementation of Conditionals and Loops
  9. Data Structures
  10. Game logic (Fonts, Graphics, Scoring Logic, Character Animation, Collision Detection, Boolean data type, Event Handling, High Score Tracking)
  11. Project: Space Invaders Game Programming using ‘pygame’ library

Level 3

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  2. AI and its applications
  3. Rules-Based AI
  4. Limitations of Rules-Based AI
  5. Exploring Machine Learning
  6. Introduction to Neural Networks
  7. Working on AI Models
  8. Creating Data Sets
  9. Training and Testing ML models
  10. Natural Language Processing
  11. Topic Segmentation
  12. Speech Recognition
  13. Text to Speech
  14. Mini project: Rules-based AI game to guess a number
  15. Main Project: A speech-enabled Smart Chatbot that can understand voice input and compute responses

Level 4

  1. Introduction to Computer Vision
  2. Applications of Computer Vision
  3. Image Processing
  4. Clarifai
  5. Testing Vision Datasets
  6. Introduction to HTML and CSS
  7. Web Designing using CSS
  8. Basics of Jinja
  9. Introduction to Flask framework
  10. Web Development using
  11. Flask
  12. Logging
  13. Web Hosting
  14. Project : A fully-fledged website that can track a satellite, tell the names of the astronauts and the position on a map

Level 5

  1. Introduction to the ISS
  2. Web development using Python
  3. Flask Framework
  4. Website Architecture
  5. Front-end and Back-end programming
  6. Web page designing using HTMl and CSS
  7. Web Page Components(Navigation Bar, Buttons, Formatting, Embedding)
  8. RESTful APIs
  9. Web services
  10. Epoch Time
  11. Reverse Geocoding
  12. Data Structures(Lists and Dictionaries)
  13. Logging and Web Hosting
  14. Project: A fully-fledged website that can track a satellite, display the names of the astronauts and its position on a map
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