Coding Comprehensive Course (Ages 10-12)

Coding Comprehensive Course (Ages 10-12)

Course Summary

From mobile apps to space stations, the world runs on code. Our coding camp eases your child into the world of programming with an activity based, fun-filled course.

In this exciting course, students develop a fully functional App for Android mobile phones using MIT App Inventor. They also explore Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and work on hands-on projects using Scratch and Python.


What your kid will learn/build

Learning path for your child

Topics covered

Level 1

  1. Instructions and Algorithms
  2. Programs and Sequencing
  3. Loops and Conditionals
  4. Scratch Operators
  5. Introduction to Python
  6. Bitmap processing
  7. Data Protection and Encryption
  8. Binary Data Transmission
  9. Project 1: Develop a Star Wars game using loops
  10. Project 2: Redesign the Google logo according to the various occasions
  11. Project 3: Creating a basic calculator using arithmetic operators
  12. Project 4: Scratch activity to decide holiday destination venue based on age
  13. Project 5: Avengers Assemble in python using ‘turtle’ library

Level 2

  1. Logic and Pseudo Code
  2. Events and Variables
  3. Encryption and Ciphers
  4. Error Detection
  5. Animation using Python
  6. Introduction to Android app development
  7. Explore MIT App Inventor Environment
  8. Designing Graphical User Interface
  9. Testing using Emulator
  10. Connecting Apps to an Android phone
  11. Sharing/Packaging Apps
  12. Project 1: Develop a Hide and Seek game
  13. Project 2: Develop a Ping Pong in scratch using variables conditionals and loops
  14. Project 3: Creating a Space Invaders android game app
  15. Project 4: Create an exercise tracker android app that keeps track of your exercise

Level 3

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  2. App inventor
  3. Supervised Learning
  4. Text recognition
  5. Speech recognition
  6. Neural network
  7. Deep learning
  8. Object recognition
  9. Project 1: Train a computer character to respond to what you say
  10. Project 2: Train the computer to understand secret-code words using Speech Recognition
  11. Project 3: Training a computer model for data classification and abstraction.
  12. Project 4: Develop an Android app using machine learning that will be able to analyze images

Level 4

  1. Logic and Pseudocode
  2. Continuation of Artificial
  3. Intelligence Machine learning
  4. Supervised Learning
  5. Text recognition
  6. Speech recognition
  7. Neural network
  8. Deep learning
  9. Project 1: Develop a Rock-Paper-Scissors game using Image Recognition
  10. Project 2: Train the computer to look for patterns in how your classmates travel to school
  11. Project 3: Train the computer to decide what angle it should shoot the bugs at
  12. Project 4: Create an AI-based character that reacts to whatever the user types

Level 5

  1. An Introduction to HTML
  2. Writing basic structure of HTML using Tags
  3. Using CSS, Stylesheets
  4. Attributes to add images
  5. Embedding to add maps and videos
  6. Adding Lists and Hyperlinks
  7. Adding multiple webpages
  8. Designing a navigation menu bar
  9. Project 1: A web page about the student
  10. Project 2: Magic Trick- A web page including images and various CSS styling techniques
  11. Project 3: Birthday card – A multi-page birthday card for someone special
  12. Project 4: Favourite singer- Design a webpage about your favourite singer including their songs and social media platforms
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