Class Guidelines

Class Guidenlines

– Once you choose a schedule based on your availability, the same schedule will remain throughout the Level. If the student is unavailable to attend, the class recording will be emailed for the students to watch.

– All students must join their Virtual Classes on time. They must join within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time. If not, they will be sent a video recording of the class.

– The schedule of classes will be provided in advance. The student is expected to follow the same and attend all the classes.

– Students are required to inform their trainers 24 hours before the scheduled session if they are unable to attend the class. In this case, a catch-up session of 30 minutes can be provided. Students are eligible for 1 catch-up session per level.

– It is encouraged to attend each class with interest and enthusiasm in order to derive maximum learning outcomes from the course.

– If a class is cancelled by us, the same will be rescheduled and delivered without fail. However, we encourage students to use the time to revisit the previous class’ learnings.

– If a student misses the scheduled catch up session, moveForward is not liable to provide another catch-up.

Class Etiquette

– Students should use their full names as usernames on Zoom calls.

– The students should not join sideline chats with their virtual classmates when the trainer is speaking.

– The students have to address the teacher and other virtual classmates in a respectful manner, even when they disagree.

General Guidelines

– Classes may be recorded for quality checks and catch-up sessions.

– Students’ feedback is recorded at the end of every level. This may be used for our social media handles.

– The first point of contact for parents after enrollment is the student’s trainer in charge. The details of the trainer are shared on the day of the first class of each level.

– Upon completion of a Level (subject to internal evaluation), the Certificate and study materials will be sent via email within 3 days.

– After completion of a Level, the enrollment process towards the progressive levels begins within 1 week.

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