We are taught how to think and shown what to see. Where then is our ability to know life as we
want it to be? Living in the 21st century, I sometimes ask that question to myself. Wondering my
capabilities or existence in this era of a technological revolution. We are the future of the world
but at the same time, the most underestimated of all. The current generation is living in a world
of infinite possibilities then why not break the barriers and flourish in one’s own innovative ideas
and lead life as we want it to be? During prehistoric proceedings, mankind evolved from the ape
of the animal kingdom but what’s next? Flying cars or Functional Robots? Card Monopoly or
Skipping ropes?


It is the Millennial who is looked upon to mold the destiny yet to come. Power undefined yet
power unutilized. It is our decision that would define whether we are developing or declining. It
is okay to mess up and begin anew but if we continue to follow the path of unethical means then
destruction is what would meet us in the end. We have access to unlimited potential aka the
digital world. But how many of us are actually aware of the “rules and regulations?”. The
networking world is a tangled loop so it’s important that we are aware of and responsible for our
actions for the same. The examples we set today are the pathways to be followed by the future
generation. So do what you may feel right from the bottom of the heart. 

Being a millennial is exactly like being a human with a greater emphasis on the technological
world. In the future, we might witness semi Robo-Homosapien organisms but speaking of the
present, millennials are just humans with un-parallel supremacy over the digital world. One of the
positives of this generation is the mentality of “getting better”. We never worry about what is
going to happen because we already have a back-up plan for our future.

Be it breaking mom’s utensils or wrecking dad’s car, we need not worry about the aftermath
because either we can fix them up with our crypto-currency since even a seven-year-old is
familiar with online cash or better, nobody seems to care. 

Millennial is the most spoiled generation of all, due to their interdependences. Be it basic
household chores or rocket science,  we mostly need the approval of the adults to proceed. 
Maybe it is time we spend less in the virtual world and more in the real world.

If technology falls into the wrong hands, then what we will face is an apocalypse we would never
be able to compensate for in the future. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure our
generation aka millennials holds up the banner of the past ever so high and secures the future to the


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